My top 5 tiny European adventures

Andorra 2021

This week’s post is a very special one for me. It’s my first post written and published while I’m actually travelling! Where did I head to this week? You’ll find that out soon. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll already know and be sick of the photo already (sorry). This week’s trip inspired me to write about the smaller European countries I’ve visited and loved. In my experience, the smaller the country, the more charm!

  1. Montenegro

Montenegro isn’t exactly a microstate but it is one of the smallest European countries (normally around 10th on the list depending on which you consult!). I visited Montenegro in the summer of 2019 and absolutely fell in love with the town of Kotor. Surrounded by the most southernly fjords in Europe, it just amazed me everytime I looked out the window. It also helped that my friend and I stayed opposite the town- the view from our swimming pool was incredible (see below!). The people were really friendly and everything was reasonably priced. I would love to go back to explore more of this hidden gem.

Kotor, Montenegro, 2019

2. Andorra

Andorra la Vella 2021

Andorra not only takes second on my list but it also gets a special mention for being my first new country in almost two years and where I’m writing this post from! Desperate for new adventures, I came to this small country between Spain and France for a week and it hasn’t disappointed me at all. The people are so helpful and welcoming, you instantly fall in love. Let’s not forget that Andorra is a moutaineous country so there are endless lookout points with views for days of the Pyrenees! Next week, I’ll delve deeper into the delights of Andorra!

3. San Marino

San Marino 2019

In my book, a trip to Italy is not complete without diverting to the microstate of San Marino. The capital city is situated on the mountain and looks as regal as it seems- San Marino is the world’s oldest country that still exists today. You don’t need too much time here but it’s definitely worth spending a weekend to take in the views and wander around the streets.

4. Luxembourg

I decided to take a trip to Luxembourg in November 2019 to get in the Christmasy mood. Living in the south of Spain, sometimes it doesn’t quite feel like Christmas when we get to that time as the weather is warm (I know I’m not complaining I promise). Visiting Luxembourg city gave me that winter feeling as it was certainly colder than Southern Spain! I only spent the weekend there and I felt that that was enough for the city – enough to visit the Christmas markets a few times and stroll through the city. If I had the opportunity to go back, I would definitely venture out of the city and explore the castles Luxembourg has to offer!

Luxembourg 2019

5. Vatican City

Vatican City certainly has to go on a list of tiny European adventures as the world’s smallest country! The first time I visited (while in Rome of course), I visited the Vatican museum which was really interesting whether you are an art lover or not. In high season, the queues can get ridiculous so booking a tour with queue jump is well worth the money. The second time I headed back to Rome, I didn’t visit the museum but I did head to St Peter’s square which is always worth a visit. You also get a great view of the Vatican from Castel Sant’Angelo- one of my favourite spots in Rome.

Vatican City 2018

My experiences of the smaller countries in Europe have been some of the best! Next on my list would be Liechtenstein and Malta- fingers crossed I (and you all) will get to visit them soon!

Montenegro 2019

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British citizen living in Spain ( 6 years now!) I completed my Celta qualification in 2015 and haven't looked back! Over the years I've worked in a few countries teaching English and undertaken countless travels. The pandemic may have put this on pause, but there are plenty more to come so watch this space...!

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